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Molly Iker-Johnson- Brutally Modern

  Southern California is famous for its constantly evolving built environment. Due to this culture of change, there is a widespread belief that there are no historic buildings in the area. When presented with evidence to the contrary, many argue that historic buildings are ugly, and should be demolished. Explaining […]

California Landscapes: High Mountains to Low Deserts

Three of Amy Oliver’s photographs are included in the California Landscapes exhibit at the Ventura County Government Center in Ventura, CA. The opening will be on Friday, 4/28, from 5:30-7pm in the Atrium Gallery.

Spring 2017 Open Enrollment has begun + seats available for Winter 2017!

  WINTER 2017 COURSE OFFERINGS (Jan. 9 – Feb 9) PHOTO 101: INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY David Yamamoto, M-Th Mornings PHOTO 121: PHOTOSHOP Amy Oliver, M-Th Afternoons SPRING 2017 COURSE OFFERINGS (Feb. 20 – Jun. 14) PHOTO 101 INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY Mark Nelson, David Yamamoto, Mary Linn Hughes, Karen Emmett, Amy Oliver […]

Marina Lypiridou

I am presenting a couple of my good friends who passionately love music and each other. We made a series of black and white photographs as a way to preserve some of their memories.

Stefany Turrado

This project envisages the connection of the landscape— seeking the distinguishing characteristics that differentiates it from all other places, questioning that specific location’s essential self— and my self— my body. I have crossed the experience of being in, or placing myself within, these solitary places with the idea of identity. […]

Roger Lai

Photography is my portal to others. I find subjects that bind me to more innocent times. I share moments from my life using food. – Roger Lai –

Anahit Gasparyan

The subject can be seen as the interaction between humans and nature. While at first this appears to be a simple, minimalist portrait, the commentary is layered. The flowers had to be plucked from their natural environment, separating them from mother earth. However, with the knowledge that the flowers will […]