The GCC Photography program is designed to prepare students for a sustainable photographic practice. Our students pursue careers in a wide range of photographic practices, from commercial and fine art to documentary and event photography. Many practicing photographers attend classes to refine and update their skills. Some students seek employment as photo assistants or in digital retouching. Courses are designed to encourage students to pursue individual projects while developing their technical ability. The Photography Certificate can be completed in two years and students may begin in Spring or Fall terms. Students in the degree and certificate programs students are required to learn both traditional and digital photography techniques. To complete the A.S. in Photography, students must also fulfill their general education requirements in addition to the certificate requirements below.

Certificate & A.S. Requirements

Required Courses
Restricted Electives (one of the following courses)
Art 199, History of Photography
Photo 101, Introduction to Photography
Photo 103, Medium and Large Format Photography
Photo 111, Lighting I
Photo 112, Lighting II
Photo 130, Photoshop and Lightroom for Photographers
Photo 140, Fine Art Photography
Photo 142, Commercial and Editorial Photography
Photo 144, Documentary Photography
Photo 146, Advanced Projects in Photography