GCC Photography

Glendale Community College

Facilities and Equipment

The GCC Photography facility features twenty five Beseler 45M and 23C II enlargers, small and large film tank development. The darkroom provides all chemistry, easels, negative carriers and lenses needed for printing. Students provide their film, paper and any other disposable supplies.

The shooting studio features Mole Richardson tungsten and Norman strobe lighting equipment. Light modifiers from umbrellas and soft boxes to snoots and beauty dishes are provided.

The digital classroom contains twenty four Mac Pro towers with the latest versions of Adobe CS Premium Extended, Lightroom, PTGui and other specialized software. GCC also provides an open computer lab for students to work outside of class.

Cameras in our inventory include: Nikon 35mm film cameras, Hasselblad medium format cameras (digital and film), Cambo large format cameras, Canon Digital Rebel and 5D Mark II DSLRs. In addition, tripods, light meters and on-camera flashes are also available for checkout. Students are able to borrow camera equipment suitable for their skill level from the college to complete their class work.