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The GCC Photography facility provides students with the ability to work on state of the digital labs, a fully equipped lighting studio in addition to traditional darkrooms. All of our facilities are professionally maintained and up to date. We strive to create a facility conducive to student learning and ensuring that students are able to be productive. DSLRs, SLRs, Hasselblads, and view cameras as well as portable strobes and flashes are available for overnight loan to students enrolled in appropriate classes. Access to equipment is provided after students receive instruction on the equipment during their course work. Most students eventually purchase their own equipment, but many are able to complete the entire program without purchasing their own equipment.





Our digital lab was updated in 2016, running new iMac computers with Wacom tablets. Systems run current versions of Adobe CS Premium Extended, Lightroom, and other specialized software. Small class sizes mean that every student has their own station in class. . We do all digital printing in house using Epson printers, ink and paper in our digital print space. Students have access to open computer labs outside of class.




Our lighting studio features Norman strobe lighting equipment and Mole Richardson hot lamps. The lighting studio is supplied with a full implement of light modifiers including octoboxes, soft boxes, booms, diffusion panels, beauty dishes, grid spots, snoots, pocket wizards, laptops, and full frame DSLR cameras. Students have access to the lighting studio outside of class and portable strobe/flash for shooting on location after the proper training.






Our darkroom features 25 Beseler 45M and 23C II enlargers, small and large film tank development, accommodating small, medium and large formats. There is one student per enlarger station during all classes. Students are not required to share an enlarger station during class. A dedicated film processing area is adjacent to the darkroom. All chemistry, easels, negative carriers and lenses needed for printing are provided. Students have access to Nikon 35mm film cameras, Hasselblad medium format cameras, and Cambo Legend large format cameras. Students provide their film, paper and any other disposable supplies. The darkroom is also available during open lab hours outside of class.



Our camera inventory includes: Nikon 35mm film cameras, Hasselblad medium format cameras (digital and film), Cambo large format cameras, Canon Digital Rebel and 5D Mark II/III DSLRs. In addition, tripods, light meters and on-camera flashes are also available for checkout. Students are able to borrow camera equipment suitable for their skill level from the college to complete their course work.

4 thoughts on “Facilities and Equipment”

  1. Question: Do I have to be enrolled in a photography class to utilize the photo lab? May I just be enrolled at GCC?

  2. I’m particularly interested in darkroom photography. I understand many campuses are no longer utilizing this medium. Is your dark room still in use?

    1. Hello Bree,

      Yes, our darkroom is still in use. Every student in Photo 101 learns how to print and process film in the darkroom. We have an immaculately maintained 25 station black and white darkroom for students to use.

      Hope to see you in a future class!

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