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Marina Lypiridou

I am presenting a couple of my good friends who passionately love music and each other. We made a series of black and white photographs as a way to preserve some of their memories.

Michael Cheng

These photographs show the diverse plants you can find at Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens in Arcadia. I photograph my subjects close up, creating a more personal view that showcases nature’s beauty.

Stefany Turrado

This project envisages the connection of the landscape— seeking the distinguishing characteristics that differentiates it from all other places, questioning that specific location’s essential self— and my self— my body. I have crossed the experience of being in, or placing myself within, these solitary places with the idea of identity. […]

Roger Lai

Photography is my portal to others. I find subjects that bind me to more innocent times. I share moments from my life using food. – Roger Lai –

Anahit Gasparyan

The subject can be seen as the interaction between humans and nature. While at first this appears to be a simple, minimalist portrait, the commentary is layered. The flowers had to be plucked from their natural environment, separating them from mother earth. However, with the knowledge that the flowers will […]

Lidia Karpukova

“The Traveller” The feeling of loneliness yet unknown excitement welcomes everyone who travels alone. He has no direction and is just an observer of the surroundings that are unknown to him. Together with his camera he is able to capture the unseen that the world offers.