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Allan Sekula, 1951-2013

fish_storyimage from Fish Story, by Allan Sekula, 1993

To describe Allan Sekula’s influence on the practice of photography is to instantly and wrongly limit the breadth and acuteness of his writing and work. Sekula dedicated himself to a personal, yet global, vision of photography’s capabilities and responsibilities. His impact will continue through his writing, work, and students.

Allan Sekula was the reason I chose CalArts for graduate school, and he was my mentor while attending. He was challenging and sincere in his teaching with the expectation that, above all else the work, should be real. With great personal sadness, I am posting the links below to two obituaries, one written by his spouse, Sally Stein and the other written by Thomas Lawson.

Thank Allan Sekula, for all you brought to light. – David Yamamoto

Allan Sekula, 1951 – 2013 by his spouse, Sally Stein, UC Irvine, Professor Emeritus, Art History

Allan Sekula, 1951 – 2013 by Tom Lawson, CalArts, Dean of the School of Art

Race to the Bottom

Today on Groupon, JC Penny Portrait Studios are offering family portraits for $25, which includes sitting fees for four people and some prints. It’s a nationwide campaign.

To make a living making photographs, you can’t compete by offering a better price. Doing the same thing for less is simply a race to the bottom.

Instead, distinguish yourself, your work, and your service! Use your skills and creativity to make images no one else can produce, then charge an appropriate rate for your original work. Hint: $25 isn’t enough.




Fall 2013 Photography Courses

All Photo 101, Introduction to Photography, sections are full with wait lists forming.

Photo 106, Lighting I with Photo 107, Special Projects on TTh afternoons is full, but wait listed students are encouraged to come to the first class meeting as seats always open up the first week of classes.

Photo 112, Lighting II, with Photo 107, Special Projects on MW Nights has only one open seat.

Photo 121, Photoshop I, has open seats only on Tues. night or Thurs. night.

Photo 130, Digital Photography, TTh afternoons has open seats. Photo 130 covers Adobe Photoshop for photographers as well as Adobe Lightroom. This course is REQUIRED for photography majors. (Photo 121, Photoshop I, is NOT required for photography majors.)


Specular Highlights

Specular Highlights
The GCC Photography Department is proud to present Specular Highlights.
Featuring work by:
Liza Brozek Boyer
Celith De Santiago
BMV Hack
Lidia Karpukova
Oxana Kernan
Roger Lai
Jisun Lee
Nathan Milisavljevich
Edgar A. Santacruz
Stefany Turrado
Exhibition begins tomorrow, June 22 until June 2, 2013 in the GCC College Gallery.
Gallery Hours: M-F 10 AM – 6 PM & Sat. 10 AM – 5 PM, closed Sundays.
1500 N. Verdugo Road, Glendale, California 91208
Artists Reception is Friday, June 28 from 6 PM – 9 PM

Panaramic Image from 2013 Graduation