Inga Svet- Magic Water in Los Angeles



Incredible and unrepeatable by its beauty, fountains owe their existence to

the workmanship of artists, sculptors, architects and engineers. This book

introduces the most interesting and sophisticated fountains that embellish

the city of Los Angeles. We admire bends and protrusions of these

waterworks, we take our time examining the statues and cascades of

bubbling water. The viewer is on seventh heaven from joy at the sight of

colorful water amazingly splashing in the rhythm of music. The structure

and lighting appears to be especially beautiful at night. The water is

highlighted with colorful lights and attracts the eye of the viewer. You can

look at it infinitely. The dance of water and the riot of colors are included

in one artwork. The genuine change of illumination and its combinations

immerses you in a hypnotic delight and your soul and feelings blossom

with all possible colors.

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