Jessica Iboa

“Windows to the Soul”
The saying “tomorrow is a new day” is so simple and yet so powerful. Windows, I believe, enforce that message everyday the sun comes up and shines it’s hopeful light through them. However, all days are not always full of joy. There does not exist light without dark, joy without sadness, or life without death. These balances or imbalances are things we can all relate to. Finding balance is not always easy but pushing through the darkness to find the light is a driving force in life.

Looking through a window is an every day behavior that most everyone does without really thinking. In my photo series I am examining this ordinary act. By appealing to the familiar, the balancing of light and dark each window leads to a different moment from the last. Connecting the viewer to their own memories and ultimately finding themselves in their own moment at a window through a time of day or a moment of reflection. All images Copyright Jessica Iboa 2013.

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