Anahit Gasparyan

The subject can be seen as the interaction between humans and nature. While at first this appears to be a simple, minimalist portrait, the commentary is layered. The flowers had to be plucked from their natural environment, separating them from mother earth. However, with the knowledge that the flowers will die when placed outside of their environment, we begin to see the overall photograph as a commentary between the evolution of human societies and the advantage that we take of natural resources as we expand manmade structures (skyscrapers, Walmarts, waste dumping sights) into the natural environment. By corrupting nature, stealing it, even forcing it to die by the hands and structures, we create a false beauty. We convince ourselves that the cities are convenient and beautiful, as serene as this photograph initially appears, when looking closely we see the true cost and meaning.

– Anahit Gasparyan

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